How To Fix Lead Gaps On Stained Glass Pieces

Working with lead came is very different from working with copper foil when constructing a stained glass project. You have to cut the lead to precise measurements, but often times, these are hard to judge, and there are small gaps in the solder joints. This is how to fix small lead line gaps when you get to the soldering stage of your lead stained glass project.

Video Transcription:

Okay, so I’ve made this project, and I see a gap here. And so what I’m going to show you today is how to basically fill in that gap to where it meets. This might take a couple of tries for me, it’s been a while. But I will show you how to fill that gap in.

What you want to do is cut your lead piece. So I took one end off, and cut it to where there’s still the heart of the lead. And now what I’m going to try and do is shape it to fit down on in there. And so, I probably need an angle like this. This is a little rough, because of the angle.

And then an angle like this, and let’s see if we can get it. I’m just using some lead dikes like this. I’m trying to get the heart to where it actually meets up when I put it in there.

So, as you can see, I still have the heart of the lead in there. So what I put it in here (the gap), I’m going to try and match that up to where it’s beautifully smooth, just like it is. And I’m going to cover this with some solder.

So, I’ve found that using a Q-tip with your flux makes it perfect for where your solder needs to go. And if you have rough solder problems, this actually helps to make this a smooth soldering line, and you don’t have to deal with a bunch of crap. What you do is you just place it over that. Now this can be actually be a pretty good sized chunk of lead that you’re fixing.

So there you go. I will probably do that on the other side, but without the (lead) heart, so that way, it will basically make your lead piece into a finished lead piece. And that’s how you fix the gap.

This is the lead, and this is the heart. And so, that’s what you do to fix a gap. Now you can do a bigger gap if you find one, but usually we don’t make that big of a mistake. We do make mistakes, though, as you can see. Like on this piece right here, my cut is off completely for lining up with that. Now that’s something that you can’t really fix (perfectly).

But I’ve found with the Q-tip, my solder lines are amazing right now. It very much helps. Anyway, that’s today — that’s how to fix a solder joint — uh, a lead line with just a little chunk of lead. Thank you for watching.

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